Develop a mini cryptocurrency dashboard in a few lines of code

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Streamlit is our favorite way to create python web apps due to its simplicity. You can build beautiful and complex apps without any front‑end experience. In this post, we will create a mini cryptocurrency dashboard that will show the closing price over time.

To install Streamlit:

pip install streamlit

The python code


Get a basic understanding of when you should apply Z-test, T-test, Chi-Squared test, ANOVA, and Correlation Test

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We often underestimate statistics and their importance and from my own experience, I can tell for certain that it’s the most important part of Data Science. One of the most useful parts of statistics in Data Science is Statistical Tests and Hypothesis Testing. …


The Easiest Way To Create Python Apps

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Streamlit is a great library that helps us create python apps with minimum effort. Not only it’s easy but its UI is beautiful and seems very professional. Our Idea for this post is to create an Instagram Dashboard having some descriptive statistics about a user’s profile like most frequent hashtags…

Billy Bonaros

Data Scientist @ Persado | Co-founder of the Data Science blog:

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